Lampang Campus



The Suan Dusit University, Lampang Campus is an educational institution of which identity is constituted in its early childhood education and food industry programs as well as its academic services based on a dynamic management approach. Well-recognized, the Campus will secure its sustainable competitiveness in the region.


  1. Produce graduates who embody academic excellence, morality and ethical conduct, are recognized by the society, and boast the typical personality of Suan Dusit students.
  2. Create, develop, and disseminate bodies of knowledge and innovations which contribute to development of quality of the graduates.
  3. Strengthen the communities and society through academic services, the nurture of arts and culture, and promotion of conservation and sustainable management of the environment.
  4. Disseminate and promote the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.
  5. Create and enhance professional strength of the instructors in line with the situation-based management principles.

Strategic Issues

  1. Improvement of the quality of academic services to promote lifelong learning.
  2. Upgrade the educational quality and standards in the field of the social sciences.
  3. Promotion of knowledge, better understanding and the pride of Thai culture.
  4. Provision of a program in science and technology to help enhance national capacity.
  5. Development of research, innovation and application of knowledge and innovation.
  6. Dynamic management.


  1. To provide the public with a lifelong educational opportunity as appropriate for each individual’s potentiality.
  2. To produce well-recognized quality graduates.
  3. To encourage students and the public to value local and national culture.
  4. To have sufficient workforce in the field of science and technology, qualitatively and quantitatively.
  5. To allow the University, community and the society to make use of bodies of knowledge developed by the Campus.
  6. To be able to develop competitive advantage and strength so as to survive the changing global context.


  1. Provide academic services to create a lifelong educational opportunity.
  2. Make corporate identity distinct and extensively recognized.
  3. Promote and preserve the value of local and national culture.
  4. Develop the academic strength in the field of science and technology.
  5. Create and make use of bodies of knowledge.
  6. Dynamic management.


The Suan Dusit University, Lampang Campus was inaugurated on 1 November 2000 with aims of opening up opportunity for the local students to study and receive training in the fields of their interest and responding to the government’s policy that requires the Rajabhat universities to be accessible to local communities and serve as a center for research and academic services. Since its inception, the Campus has strived to achieve the missions of the University and so becomes well recognized both among the local communities and nationwide.

Contact Information

Suan Dusit University, Lampang Campus

140 Surain Road, Sobtui District, Amphur Mueang, Lampang Province 52100
Tel. +66-5422-8016, +66-5422-8019
Fax. +66-5422-8019

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